At Kay Controls we fear change but will travel if you need us to. We have worked abroad and are happy to work across the UK. But we are an Essex company at heart and will do whatever we can to support local schools and businesses.


Karl has been configuring and commissioning Building Management Systems (BMS) for over thirty years. He has designed and installed York ISN and later ABB Cylon systems for HVAC plant at large commercial and public buildings, including an international airport, a Saudi oil platform as well as office blocks, large hotels and schools and colleges. His BMS configurations are bespoke for every system we install, to make the mechanical plant run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Ian has been with us for way longer than he would like to admit. He is predominantly the client facing operative at KCL. He is fully a qualified and experienced York and ABB Cylon engineer at large. Once one of our systems is installed, Ian will be the guy looking after your site. He is the reason our clients renew their contracts with us year after year. His site managers know they can always call him directly if they need help or support.


Sarah runs the office and will be the polite well spoken one if you call. Sarah has a particular talent for procurement. She does occasionally venture out on site to lend a hand when needed so knows what she is talking about when she answers your call. She also looks better in a KCL polo than we do.


Lily does our in-house monthly accounts, but will jump at the chance to help panel build as long as the “correct” radio station is playing. She says she looks nothing like this picture. She does though. Particularly the scowl.


Harry may be a future BMS god at our firm, but apart from building Cylon controlled robots to frighten trick or treaters he is currently heading up the fleet hygiene initiative.


We are very fortunate to have the talents of a few sub-contract partners at our disposal. These guys are all specialists in other systems allowing us to offer a one stop shop for clients when needed. In most cases these are other companies like ours for which we provide a reciprocal service, so only the best qualified and experienced engineers work on their respective systems. We would have pictures of those engineers here, but for some reason they all look like Dwayne Johnson.

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